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Our brew pub

Our laboratory is like our own home to us; a place where we can share and bring to life our experiences.
Good food, music and craft beer are the main traits of our pub: a special place that feels like home, where you can chat, work o just relax

That’s a Brew pub for us.



La Trevigiana with classic focaccia bread
Late radicchio (red salad leaf) from Treviso, sundried tomatoes in oil from Calabria, Venetian porchetta (spit-roasted pork) and plentiful shavings of Grana Padano cheese

La Mediterranea with potato focaccia bread
Buffalo mozzarella, red tomatoes and curly leaf lettuce

Hamburger Lucky
Bread, 200 g local beef burger, curly leaf lettuce and grilled bacon.
Optional grilled egg recommended by the chef

Hamburger Vegan
Bread, quinoa and veggie burger, rucola and pecorino cheese shavings

Venetian platter
Traditionally handmade cheese and cold meat selection, carefully sourced from local farms (periodically rotated)

Who we are

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We are a young artisan beer company focused on genuine passion and authenticity. The commitment and constant dedication go together with an outspoken view of the world that we have.

We have brewed some ideas for you to enjoy

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Lucky Brews SRL
Via Vecchia Ferriera 123
36100 Vicenza – IT
+39 0444 301664


Lucky Brews SRL
Via Vecchia Ferriera 123
36100 Vicenza – IT