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We start from a brainwave, we study the ingredients
and we try to immagine them combined.

Producing beer is a sincere and specific art!

The ingredients selection is based on the idea of what we want to realize as final product.

Every ingredient is studied to understand which impact will have on the final product, what flavour and scent will give it to the beer.

They are all living elements that change and mutate depending on how they are combined.

This specific balance it’s all about immagination, sperimentation and experience, which is where the art of the master brewer existes.

What making beer means to us is finding the perfect combination of raw materials, looking for a specific flavour, colour, an unique aroma.

We have a fermenation system made of two vats each of 1000 liters and three vats each of 2000 liters. Thanks to it we can assure a productive capacity of 80 hl per month.

In this way, we can realize an appropriate supply of beer in an expanding brewing industry.

Lucky Brews is born from a flash of inspiration which is now a perfect match of passion, commitment and… luck!

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Lucky Brews SRL
Via Vecchia Ferriera 123
36100 Vicenza – IT
+39 0444 301664


Lucky Brews SRL
Via Vecchia Ferriera 123
36100 Vicenza – IT