Draft Horse


Available from Tuesday 21 September 2021

DRAFT HORSE is a Saison with a golden color and abundant white foam. Notes can be perceived on the nose
floral spice given by the yeast reminiscent of pepper, cloves and white pulp fruit.
A percentage of rye was used in the production which gives rusticity and dryness. In keeping with the style, an initial light acidic note gives freshness ensuring a smooth and refreshing drink. The herbaceous finish of the hops closes the circle by calling up another sip. For this creation we were inspired by Jethro Tull, an 18th century agronomist who made the fortune of European agriculture by inventing the first mechanical seeder and favoring the use of draft horses instead of oxen.


Water, BARLEY malt, RYE malt, WHEAT flakes, hops, yeast.


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Can 0,4cl.
Grado alcolico
6,3 %/vol

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