Simple Pleasure 1


330ml can format


7.2% Alc beer, golden yellow color, very hazy / cloudy, due to two factors: High% use of oats and wheat and the very low floculating capacity of the yeast used (New England).
Low / medium degree of bitterness (27 IBU) which contributes to the round and soft body giving a smooth drink. Use of hops only in the final whirlpool phase and nothing during boiling to preserve the aromas as much as possible.

Massive doses instead of dry hopping hops that give intense aromas of tropical fruit, citrus and berry fruit.

Hops used in dryhop:
-Galaxy: Australian hop that gives notes of CITRUS and PASSION FRUIT
-Citra: American hop that gives intense citrus notes such as ORANGE LEMON
-Lotus: Experimental American hop born in 2006 after very careful research, is crossed with a variety of American male hops with Neomexicane heritage. This crossing increases the complexity and uniqueness of this hop. It is characterized by the wide aromatic range that presents aromas of ORANGE and VANILLA followed by notes of CARAMELIZED GRAPES and TROPICAL FRUITS such as MANGO and PAPAYA

Water, barley malt, oats, wheat, hops, yeast.


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Can 0,33cl
Grado alcolico
7,2 %/vol

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